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UMEX – The Universal Mini External Fixator System
The System
- Comprehensive, modular, elastic mini external fixator system.
- Patient friendly, concept evolved over 8 patient years of research.
- Low profile clamping elements allow comfortable interdigital placement.
- Patented Teardrop design to ensure 3-point fixation of K-wires.
- Knurled Rods provide high pull-out strength.
UMEX™ for Trauma of the Hand
- Treats fractures of the lower end of the Radius.
- Reduction of complex fractures for the distal end of the Radius.
- Multiple fractures of Hand and Wrist.
UMEX™ for Trauma of the Foot
- Frames for fractures of the Foot and Ankle.
- Multiple fractures of the metatarsals.
- Mutilating injuries of the foot.
UMEX for Deformity Corrections
- The distraction frame provides correction and maintenance of complex deformities of the hand and wrist, functional distraction-lengthening of amputated stumps.
- The UMEX™ Club Foot frame is capable of addressing complex three dimensional multi-axial deformities and achieve progressive sequential correction.
- The UMEX™ system corrects flexion-contractures of the fingers.

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