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Austin Moore Prosthesis(Standard and Narrow Stem)
- Have a narrow stem and used when primary prosthetic replacement of the femoral         neck is required.
- Design of the prosthesis proximates anatomical configuration of the femur.
- Self locking design with a special opening for an extractor.
- A fin has been provided on the outer edge of the stem which helps prevent rotation.

Thompson Prosthesis
- Has a large collar which provides excellent weight distribution on the collar.
- Curved stem is trapezoidal in shape to resist rotation.

Bipolar Prosthesis
- These prostheses feature a pre-articulated bipolar head encasing an ultra high molecule weight (UHMW) polyethylene acetabular cup.
- UHMWPE resists wear over long periods of time.
- This extremely low friction internal articulation reduces acetabular erosion.
- Prosthesis available in gamma-irradiated pre-sterile form.

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